Pre-booking a Carriage Compartment

It remains essential to book online for an open-air carriage compartment for up to 6 people including children under 16 until further notice. To book your ticket plus further information see Book Here.

Social Distancing

Although social distancing is no longer mandatory, we would ask our visitors to be constantly aware of others around them and to avoid crowding, especially on the platform and the train and around the site and picnic area.

Face Coverings

Our HKWR volunteers will continue to use face coverings and we would encourage visitors to do the same on the platform and train, or in areas of the site that become crowded. 


We would please request that visitors use the signs when entering the main gates, car parking and pedestrian routes. HKWR also think it is advisable to continue with scanning the QR Code signs displayed for track and trace purposes.

Leisure & Picnic Area

Our picnic area and countryside tables are freely available for visitors to enjoy but ask that everyone be mindful of social distancing.  Our ‘Kempton Flyer’ play train, however, will not be sanitised after use and it remains the responsibility of parents/guardians to decide whether children can plan on this.

Ticket Office

The Ticket Office is open, but for the foreseeable future, railway tickets are only available by pre-booking through our website.  A selection of books, souvenirs, T shirts and other interesting items are available for sale as well as teas and coffees.