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Volunteering Opportunities 2024

Help run our community heritage steam railway! Customer facing volunteering opportunities – help make a difference to your local community. For full details see here

We are very proud at HKWR to be one of the few narrow-gauge railways operating within the M25 that is open every Sunday (and some Saturdays). We’re even more proud of our volunteers who manage and operate the railway for the benefit of families and the local community, as well as carrying out work on the restoration of our heritage railway.


We know that when you choose to become a volunteer, you’re offering your time, skills, and talents and life experiences which we very much value, but you’re also getting much in return in terms of camaraderie, friendship, new skills, training and social events, but above all, it’s the satisfaction of helping to operate the railway for the benefit of the local West London community.

Dave Wheeler, Volunteer Co-ordinator: email:

Why join us?

We are eager to attract as many volunteers as possible, regardless of age, gender, or experience. Apart from general railway operations, it’s also a great opportunity for volunteers to be involved right at the very beginning of our new and exciting project which is to re-instate the original 20th century industrial railway and build a visitor and educational centre. See our Restoration Plans.

Join our team!

There are many volunteering opportunities with training available as required such as train operations, admin, finance, restoration, maintenance, construction, media, events, and fundraising.

Volunteering your time and experience


As well as our normal running operations, our volunteers also organise very popular special events for families and enthusiasts of steam.  Non-operating days for maintenance and restoration work are on Tuesdays and Thursdays 10am to 4pm but it’s entirely up to you as to the amount of time you want to spend at the railway, and you will always be most welcome. For more information, please contact the Volunteer Co-ordinator email:

We ensure you have the right training

Should you wish to be, for instance, a Guard, Fireman, Locomotive or Diesel Driver, we can train you, incorporating all the safety aspects of working on a railway. There are also many other volunteering opportunities such as being a Ticket Collector or a Station Master. Perhaps you might want to be involved in gardening, admin, social media or on our special events team. Above all, we want our volunteers to be comfortable and happy in their role, so we make sure that you are completely confident before taking on any task or duties.   

Our vision


The railway is embarking on a £1.8 million restoration campaign to re-instate the early 20th century narrow-gauge industrial railway, passing by a wetland and a Site of Special Specific Interest. Our ambitious project will provide a unique and enhanced railway experience that will attract a mix of enthusiasts, local families and educationalists that will help keep our rich industrial history alive.